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About Us

Some of the incredible Wholesome Bakery Team


To inspire and provide high quality, sustainably made, allergy friendly products that everyone can enjoy while servicing our environment, the small working farmer and ecological habitats. 


About us

Wholesome Bakery was founded by Mandy Harper in 2009 with the belief that you should be able to eat great tasting goodies without it weighing on your conscience. That you should be left feeling proud and excited with the company you're supporting. After countless hours of work, Wholesome Bakery is proud to serve up an array of super-yummy goodies baked with thoughtfully sourced, locally produced, organic ingredients. Our sweet treats aren't only healthy for you, they're healthy for Mother Earth! Please enjoy! 

 Mandy Harper - Founder & CEO

Mandy always had an interest in nutrition and sustainability. Becoming a vegetarian at 11, then vegan at 13, Mandy spent more than half her life on the lookout for high quality products that fit her dietary restrictions and allergies. With a big sweet tooth and little to choose from, Mandy decided to take on the task of creating guilt-free goodies! It all started with a signature carrot cake that she made for friends and family. After hearing rave reviews, she thought she might be onto something. Continuing to make new recipes for cookies and cakes, she was encouraged by her growing number of fans to sell them. So she gathered up all of her gusto and dropped off samples at two local grocery stores. Now Wholesome Bakery has a beautiful brick and mortar in San Francisco's Divisadero Corridor and products all over Northern California.


With Mandy, are Sabrina Carreno the Bakery Director and Anna Schoenberger the Operations Manager.

We have the best fans and supporters around! Many have gone out of their way to let us know how much they love what we are doing at Wholesome Bakery. This is our small thank you to them for how much their kind words meant.
"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our gender reveal party an unforgettable one.  The cupcakes were a hit!
My wife and I are so happy and thankful to go through this process; thank you for adding to our joy :)" Charlie K. 2/20/18

"I'm so glad you guys exist and love your seamless website and order process" Stephanie Z. 11/9/17

 "Thank you so much! The cake was amazing...everyone loved it. I will definitely use you guys again!" Marianne G. 5/21/17

"My wife loved the cake - great job! It's really nice to find somewhere that caters for her and does a great job of not making the cake look or taste crappy! Thanks," Lewis H.  4/28/17

"You are absolutely THE BEST!!!! I can't thank you enough for all your help. You helped make my wife's birthday truly special. All she's wanted for the past year is a cupcake on her birthday!!! THANK YOU!!" Imani D. 1/20/17

"The cake you made for our one year old's b-day party this week was incredible! Such a great option for kids b-days. Thank you!!" Alma L. 1/18/17

"I'm writing to say a huge thank you for baking and delivering a most wonderful birthday cake. The Cake is as beautiful as I had hoped and is still being enjoyed by our kids at this very moment as I write. I am very impressed with your attention to details, your customer focus and prompt responses to all my inquiries and questions. There is no doubt you will hear from me next year when we again celebrate this birthday from afar. With many thanks" Lois G.  11/26/16

"I get your cookie sandwiches at Berkeley Natural Grocery and they are SO AMAZING!!!! Wow." Thanks! Sarah R. 10/15/16

"You guys have been my favorite bakery for, I don't know, five years now!" Daniel L. 8/27/16

"I love literally everything I've eaten from Wholesome bakery" Melissa M. 9/17/16

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cookies! We so appreciate your help and the birthday girl loved them. Thank you!” Dana C. 2/18/16

"I just wanted to get in touch and say thank you for your help with this cake, and going the extra distance to get it to Oakland. Although I'm several thousand miles away, I was still able to participate in my brother's birthday. He was really pleased to receive a cake he could eat, despite his allergy!" Alex M. 2/15/16

"Thank you so much for the beautiful GF/DF cake and delivery to my Apt in San Francisco. You're absolutely delicious cake was a total hit at the Birthday Party! Thank you again!" Rich B. 2/8/15

"I buy a bag or two of your incredible cookie sandwiches at the Bernal Heights Good Life anytime I see them (I have a dairy allergy, so they're perfect for me). You are all super awesome and I love your sandwich cookies!" Ryan M. 8/8/15

“I just wanted to let you know your cookies were a huge success at the birthday party my daughter went to.  She did not feel like she missed out on anything and there were other GF kids that she shared with that were totally stoked! We are very grateful!" Nicole M.  6/3/15

“Your Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches are absolutely incredible! I just bought a bag for the first time yesterday and am blown away by the flavorful goodness. I'm so happy you were around to be found! Thank you, thank you , thank you!" Audrey K. 12/28/15

"I could eat nothing but your Peanut Butter Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie Sandwiches for the rest of my life and be happy. I eat two for breakfast almost everyday" Nicole N.

"Hello Wholesome Bakery.  We LOVE your products!!" Joey E. 12/12/15

"We love your baked goods... the brownies the most!" Emma C.  12/21/15

“I love your whoopie pies AKA cookie sandwiches" Chloe S.  10/7/15

“I get your cookie sandwiches at Berkeley Natural Grocery and they are SO AMAZING!!!! Wow." Thanks! Sarah R. 1/27/15