The Bakery

Wholesome Bakery is proud to be Gluten Free*, Yeast Free, Soy Free, Dairy & Egg Free, Transfat Free, and Low Glycemic

About Wholesome Bakery

Founded in 2009 with the belief that a goodie should taste like a goodie without the worry of it going straight to your gut or your butt! That should be left to feeling lively and satisfied, not sick or sluggish. After countless hours of work, Wholesome Bakery is proud to serve up an array of super-yummy goodies baked with premium quality, locally produced, organic ingredients. Our sweet treats aren't only healthy for you, they're healthy for Mother Earth! Please enjoy! 

About Mandy

Mandy Harper, the owner and founder of Wholesome Bakery always has an interest in nutrition and sustainability. Becoming a vegetarian at 11, then vegan at 13, Mandy has spent more than half her life on the look out for high quality products that fit her dietary restrictions and allergies. With a big sweet tooth and little to choose from, Mandy decided to take it into her own hands creating guilt-free goodies! It all started with her signature carrot cake that she would make for friends and family. After hearing rave reviews, she thought she might be onto something. Continuing to make new recipes for cookies and cakes, fans of her goodies kept saying that she should sell them. So she gathered up all of her gusto and went to a few local grocery stores and dropped off samples. Now Wholesome Bakery has products all over San Francisco and is growing more and more every day.  

 *Not produced in a gluten free facility, but we strive to avoid cross contamination of any kind.